The mighty Akimbo!
The mighty Akimbo!


So here are the lyrics to the songs, meant to help folks who want to sing along, learn the tunes. We reserve the copyrights here - if you want to use the lyric or commercial purposes, contact Christopher Bingham, for written permission. Each song should print on one page...

Ecstasy in the Ruins

Another year coming
Another year gone
They fly like the memories we use to hang on

With you I’m awake
With you I’m alive
I’ll take all of the years you and I can survive

We’ll find ecstasy in the ruins
Honesty in the ruins
You and me and the ruins

Twenty years going, twenty years in
I still thrill at the touch of your skin
Thought we’d be wealthy, thought we’d be thin
But a bit of belly's no unpardonable sin

We’ll find ecstasy in the ruins
Honesty in the ruins
You and me and the ruins

We’ll make love on these altars
'Cause that's what is sacred for us
It will part of what's human
Long after their churches are dust

We find
Ecstasy in the smoke filled twilight!
Ecstasy with the world undone!
Ecstasy in the waxing moonlight!
Slashing the night with the fires of the sun!

Ecstasy while the old men stumble!
Ecstasy while the walls fall down!
Ecstasy while the bankers tumble!
Flashing through space as they race to the ground!

Ecstasy in the falling embers!
Ecstasy in the twisted steel!
Ecstasy as we all remember
Dreaming the days when our freedom was real!

Ecstasy in the madmen’s ranting!
Ecstasy in the sane men’s blood!
Ecstasy in the storm surge splashing
Tossing us off with the waves in the flood!
Ecstasy while the rich men tremble
Ecstasy in the endless rage!
Ecstasy while the empires crumbe
Smashing through history like turning a page!

Ecstasy in the blinding chaos
Ecstasy while the oceans boil
Ecstasy while the old ways bind us
Fighting like fools for the last of the oil>

We’ll find ecstasy in the ruins
Honesty in the ruins
You and me and the ruins...
Ecstasy in the ruins...
You and me and the ruins...



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The mighty Akimbo!

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