The mighty Akimbo!
The mighty Akimbo!


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Strange World (Make It Up As We Go)

Nobody walks alone
Nobody makes it on their own
We're all connected like the sea
Everyone needs a hand
Some common ground to understand
We build consensus realities

But it's a strange world we're swimming through
Among like-minded fools
If it's the same world for me and you,
Well who makes the rules?
We make it up as we go!

I've seen it everywhere
The wealthy ride and skip the fare
I've lost my patience for the scam
They steal or buy the votes
Give to the haves from them that don't
They shear us like we're frightened lambs

But it's a strange world they're trippin' through
They think us light-blinded fools?
If you want a sane world for me and you
Better change the rules
They make it up as they go!

Cash is the sacred cow
From Chairman Mao to Rush Limbaugh
Their method's always been The Lie
Take in the checkout scene
Whole forests fall for magazines
They keep us fooled enough to buy

But it's a strange world we're trippin through
Are we light blinded fools?
If you want a sane world for me and you
Better grab the tools
And make it up as we go!

March 2nd 2011


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The mighty Akimbo!

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