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Story behind Peace Now

Peace now was going to be (and is) a folky little moral tale about fighting dragons using passive resistance. La de dah. Then a young co-ed from my alma mater (CO ED - the womyn at Evergreen would KILL a man for calling them co-eds) was murdered in Gaza trying to to stop an Israeli bulldozer from tearing down someone's house and I had to put the song away for awhile. I mean how can I, in good conscience, tell people to throw their bodies on the gears to stop the machine, (Mario Savio, we miss ya!) in a world where they really will just drive over anything in their way? How are we going to shock the conscience, speak truth to a power that has no conscience to shock and laughs at the truth? I sent out a plea to the folks who were financing the record, (that would be a BUNCH of people working their asses off so that I could do this) asking would they mind if I didn't include two songs, Perace Now being one of them. I got some e-mail from someone who IS one of those people that are throwing their bodies on the machine, who said Gaia Circles and Secret Voices was getting played all over the Pagan Cluster at the protests in Florida, and people really used the songs to put themselves in place where where they might make a difference - and might get their heads bashed in during the process. He said "We're getting sick of singing Cry Freedom - this is a vote for Peace Now." OK - I can do this. All I really hope is that the tune lives up to what these folks are trying to do. Peace Now is most heartily dedicated to the Pagan Cluster.

Peace Now
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Once a very long long time ago
But beyond the time of kings
Lived a Dragon who became a beast
And grew too heavy for it's wings

He threatened fire and death to all
He threatened many things
So the townfolk brought from all around
All the wealth that they could bring

But some of them we're curious and they said“What is it for?”
And when they'd brought him all they had his answer was “Bring more”
and “By the way I'll need your sons and daughters for the coming war.”

Somebody said
“Hey now, hey hey now - why not a little peace now
Hey Now, hey right now we need a little peace now
Peace now, right now - why not a little peace now?”

Came a woman from the closest town to the cave in which he lived
and at the entrance laid her body down Singing “I shall not be moved”
And she said “I'll not co-operate, I will feed your cause no more
No matter what you do to me, I'll not feed your filthy war”

And he snorted, and he snarled, and bared his teeth with rage
and with his massive talons well he crushed her like an egg
And he roared at their defiance shouting “More I said!”

In a seeming moment of insanity, another took her place in line
saying “You can do the same to me, but no more will we comply.”
And another and another joined til a hundred thousand stood behind
There were so many people (saying no / at the cave) he could'nt hurt them if he tried

He saw determination and he saw and he saw that it was true
That with the whole world watching there was nothing he could do
So he slunk back in his cave awhile to wait for maybe me or you…

And he's still there waiting, still there waiting
for our silence, for our agreement, for a time when he doesn't hear…

Somebody said
"Hey now, hey hey now - why not a little peace now
Hey Now, hey right now we need a little peace now
Peace now, right now - why not a little peace now?"

Early February, 2004


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