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Story behindThe Scythe
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If you've ever worked a job that repeats the same action all day long you'll have had the experience of closing your eyes and seeing the image in your mind as you start to fall asleep.

The Scythe trys to capture that mood at twilight, when the sun is going down and you feel change thick in the air. Though I'd been working with idea for over a year (They Scythe was one of the seminal pieces for the cd) I finished the lyrics the night before the big show, January 9th, 2004

The Scythe

End of the day at the end of the harvest
With the sun goin down
End of the row with last one behind us
and the last sheaf is bound

Yet over and over, before sleep takes my eyes
Over and over, I see the flash of the scythe - comin down

Light up a candle to see in the old way
With the sun goin down
Don't quite understand how it burns up a whole day
Without making a sound

In some flinch of your shoulder,
some look in your eye
I see the fear of disorder,
the fear of the scythe - comin down

Sharp is the blade that can cut through the twilight
With the sun going down
It cuts through the days and the change in our own life
Til your last comes around

Everything changes, everything dies
In a teary reflection, I see the glint of the scythe…


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The mighty Akimbo!

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