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Story behind Solstice Call

Solstice Call was the first song I wrote for Evolve, I was sure it was going to open the cd, but the concept went another direction. The sing is basically calling everyone to come and join the dance, light the bonfires and celebrate the Sun and it's waning warmth in Midsummer. For folks that don't know: Klalaloch is pronounced "kley-lock

Solstice Call
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Come all ye young maidens, come all ye old sods
Bring your pimply faced boyfriends and glowering Dads

Bring your brothers and sisters and grandparents too
Your lunatic Aunty and drunk Uncle Lou

There'll be bonfires from Kalaloch to Portland tonight
To celebrate summer and sing out the light

All come all come - all come along

We'll strike up a quick tune to call out the boys
One to hike up your skirts to and make lots of noise

We'll play out a waltz to encourage romance
And we'll make it a slow one so the old folks can dance

All come all come - all come along

Starch up your linens or come without clothes
For no matter what covers we'll dance in our bones

Come, timid young virgins and old libertines
For it's mid-summers eve and we've come here to dream

All come all come - all come along

Leave off your prayin' and leave off your hate
For there are none of us sinners and none of saints

We'll feast and we'll dance and we'll stay up too late
And if the Reaper comes knockin' he'll just have to wait!

All come all come - all come along

There'll be bonfires from Kalaloch to Portland tonight…


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The mighty Akimbo!

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