The mighty Akimbo!
The mighty Akimbo!


When I was 11 years old I would fall asleep to Carlos Santana's Abraxas - twenty years later I figured out where my ease with latin rhythm came from. I've got one of those clear tenor voices in an age where guys have made screaming into a fine art. I don't scream well. I've been singing all my life. I was raised on show tunes, but the first album I ever bought was Black Sabbath's Paranoid. Then I bought the single for American Pie - (remember Don McClean? ) I wore the grooves out of both of them.

Look at that drug addled little hoodlum!

In 1979 I left my hometown of St. Louis to study jazz at The Evergreen State College, in Olympia, fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and stayed. I've been really fortunate to have found players who find my stuff interesting. I come up with concepts for bands and find players to fit. I've written the music for Gaia Consort, and now run a band called Bone Poets Orchestra. We've been fortunate to have some really wonderful guests and really solid core group. Several cuts on our CDs have received airplay on a number of college and commercial radio stations across the US and in Europe.


The late 80's and early 90s brought me to Seattle where I played all the singer / songwriter venues - The Backstage (opening for Greg Brown,) OK Hotel, Tractor Tavern, Antique Sandwich in Tacoma, - Folklife, Music in the Park, even busking for a short while in the Pike Place Market. I was a "fixture" at the University Bistro's Songwriter Showcase. These days I'm doiing a lot of writing for strings. I've done really silly day jobs - wine bottler to legal temp to handy man to keep the roof over my head. Nothing like the corporate world to provide inspiration to do something meaningful.

I released three recordings as Christopher Bingham, but, I entirely missed the grunge boat when it came through Seattle. I did record at Chris Hanzek's studio where much grunge was made - I was always more interested in finding something to celebrate...


In 1997, my wife Sue and I debuted as Gaia Consort at Nudestock '97 - and we got a standing ovation from 800 naked sunbathers. Alright then.


We played to a lot of Pagan audiences, I wrote a lot of lyrics that celebrate the living Earth. I still do in lots of ways, but the goddess stuff, not so much. Still, we did pretty well - oddly enough, we found larger numbers of people when we stopped playing coffeehouses and clubs, and started playing house concerts. We eventually started renting grange hall type places, then small theatres, and eventually worked up to a few festivals - kind of climaxing at Faerieworlds, where we played for five years in a row to several thousand people. It had a sweetness about it, that's for sure, but well - we've done that. GC did four albums that I'm proud of and the 4th, Vitus Dance I've re-pressed as a Bone Poets title. Since then, we've released Belladonna Smiles, Atheist Anthems, Ecstasy in the Ruins, and Edge of the Western World.

Check it out at at the Bone Poets site. I think over the years, the Gaia Consort name scared away some people that otherwise would have liked us. So now we're Bone Pets Orchestra. We might actually play a club or two, if the opportunity arises, but it's a tough call. We're not about selling beer. I want to do something that grabs you and reminds you for a minute that you are part of the dust of the Big Bang and that you have the whole outrageous Universe at your finger tips and about three billion seconds of time to understand it all. Hear it, groove with it and make your mark!

1987 Always the Sirens - cassette OUT OF PRINT
1993 - The Burning CD, Suddenly Naked
1995 - Angel and the Hanged Man CD, Suddenly Naked
1999 - Gaia Circles CD, Suddenly Naked
2001 - Secret Voices CD, Suddenly Naked
2001 - Producer, Boundless, by Jim Evans CD, Argo Records
2004 - EVOLVE CD, Suddenly Naked
2007 - Vitus Dance CD, Suddenly Naked
2010 - Belladona Smiles CD, Suddenly Naked
2011 - Atheist Anthems CD, Suddenly Naked
2013 - Ecstasy in the Ruins CD, Suddenly Naked
2016 - Edge of the Western World CD, Suddenly Naked

2002 - song Family Documentary film When Two Won't Do, Picture This Productions, Canada

2008 -several songs, feature film Miss Shellagh's Miniskirt, directed by Terisa Greenan, Petal Films, USA

2009 several songs, web series Family, directed by Terisa Greenan
Three Dog Pictures, USA

Some Notable Shows
Wic Can Fest, Toronto Canada, 2002, Pagan Pride, Portland, OR 2001, Heartland Pagan Festival, Kansas, 2000 - Faerieworlds 2005-2009


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The mighty Akimbo!