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I was ready for my close-up
Strung out and dosed up
Boxed like a rope dope
You knocked me out

You blew a kiss from the bandstand
Left with my best friend
Skipped on the last when
the lights went dark

I woke up on the dance floor
Close to the back door
Shook to my hardcore
Trying not to shout

I'm a winner in disguise, look into my eyes,
One day you'll realize that a universe of lies
Adds up to nothing… It adds up to nothing!

Is that all you got?
Is that all you got?
Is that all you got?
Thank you sir, may I have another? (Bring it!)

Now I’m beaten and hamstrung
Toothless at too young
Rolling my tongue
like a punch drunk mook

Crawling on my elbows,
seeing how the grass grows
A whole world I didn't know
just got mowed!

I’m a winner in disguise…

Is that all you got?

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