The mighty Akimbo!
The mighty Akimbo!


So here are the lyrics to the songs, meant to help folks who want to sing along, learn the tunes. We reserve the copyrights here - if you want to use the lyric or commercial purposes, contact Christopher Bingham, for written permission. Each song should print on one page...


Oh will you take me deeper into the wild?
There to awake the sleeper we left as a child
Dark as the silent waters, dark as the deep
Lost in the primal matter
Older than memory
Touched with the knowing
Something like holy
Waiting to to surface and breatheā€¦.

Oh will you take me higher into the light?
Call up the shining instant you first felt alive
There in the flash of wonder, there it begins
Air full of crashing thunder
Shocked with the knowing
Naked and trembling
Twist through the helix
Spin to the surface and breathe!

I hear the voice of the Dreaming
I feel the pulse of the stone
And all shining and alive through the Green
I touch the oceans of memory
I taste the core of the sun
And all shining and alive through the Green

Feel in the teeming heartbeat of all living things
Even through steel and concrete the energy sings
Strong as the roaring daylight caught in the leaves
Long as the endless twilight
Brighter than Broadway
Sparked by the living
Something like holy
Breaking the surface to breatheā€¦.

I hear the voice of the Dreaming
I feel the pulse of the stone
And all alive!

5/6/2007 Snoho


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The mighty Akimbo!

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