Christopher Bingham

All music is available for one stop, 200% owned, sync licensing in films, television shows, advertisements and other potential commercial uses. If you'd like to license any of these tracks, please contact Christopher Bingham at or call 425 387-4368 (Pacfic time) to make it happen. Backing / Instrumental tracks are marked "INS."

Bone Poets Orchestra
Tastes Better When You Share

Released in October 2019

You can purchase Tastes Better When You Share by clicking HERE!

Tastes Better When You Share Cover
01) Better When You Share LYRICS MP3
02) Long Coat On LYRICS MP3
03) Pale Boys (and Cigarettes) LYRICS MP3
04) Zatallugot? LYRICS MP3
05) Nothing But this Universe LYRICS MP3
06) Sorry We Forgot LYRICS MP3

Bone Poets Orchestra
Edge of the Western World
September 2016

Edge of the Western World Cover

You can purchase Edge of the Western World by clicking HERE!

01) Edge of the Western World LYRICS MP3 INS
02) Walk into the Sun LYRICS MP3 INS
03) Death Went Dancing LYRICS MP3 INS
04) What the Night Sky Knows (Fuck if I know) LYRICS MP3 RADIO SAFE INS
05) Everyone (Nothing You Can Do About It) LYRICS MP3 INS
06) Infinity LYRICS MP3 INS
07) Tessellations LYRICS MP3 INS
08) The Golden West LYRICS MP3 INS

Bone Poets Orchestra
Ecstasy in the Ruins - 2014

You can purchase Ecstasy in the Ruins by clicking HERE
Backing / Instrumental tracks are marked INS

1) Contact / Strangeworld LYRICS MP3
1A) Strangeworld Single MP3
2) Trouble Look Away LYRICS MP3 INS
3) Ecstasy in the Ruins LYRICS MP3 INS
4) Sex Change Ray Gun LYRICS MP3 Backing INS
5) Seven Sisters LYRICS MP3
6) Nightbird Sing LYRICS MP3 INS
8) Walls Are Falling LYRICS MP3 INS
9) Diggin' In LYRICS MP3 INS

Bone Poets Orchestra
Atheist Anthems - 2011

Atheist Anthems is a compilation cd of many of the best atheist oriented tunes that we recorded as Gaia Consort.
Plus a couple of new tunes.
You can purchase Atheist Anthems by clicking HERE
Backing / Instrumental tracks are marked INS

1) Solstice Call LYRICS MP3
2) Secret Voices LYRICS MP3
3) Evolve LYRICS MP3 INS
4) Illumination(2001) / Secret of the Rain LYRICS MP3
5) Just Because LYRICS MP3
6) Why Can't We Just (Explicit) LYRICS MP3
7) Secret of the Crossroads Devil LYRICS MP3
8) Cry Freedom LYRICS MP3
09) The Scythe LYRICS MP3 INS
10) Night Waits / Change the Way Things Are LYRICS MP3
11) Cold Winter Comin' LYRICS MP3
12) No Shadows LYRICS MP3
13) Family (live) LYRICS MP3

Bone Poets / Gaia Consort
Vitus Dance - 2007 / 2011

Bone Poets Orchestra Vitus Dance cd cover Gaia Conosort Vitus Dance cd cover

In 2011, we re-releasd Vitus Dance as the first Bone Poets Record. It's psychedelic focus is much more evident than Gaia Consort records and many of the songs are in the permanent live playlist - ones we almost always perform. In my thinking, it was the first Bone Poets record. I also made the decision to make "Turtles All the Way Down" and "Vitus Dance" one track, since Turtles was always meant as the intro.

You can purchase Vitus Dance downloads in all the usual places, or add us to your Spotify playlist!

1) Twilight Calling LYRICS MP3
2) Only Now LYRICS MP3
3) Dirty Little Secret LYRICS MP3
4) Oracle LYRICS MP3
5) All We've Got LYRICS MP3
6) Heather in the Mead LYRICS MP3 INS
7) Face in the Clouds LYRICS MP3
8) Turtles All the Way Down / Vitus Dance LYRICS MP3
9) Perils of Poly LYRICS MP3
10) Goodnight LYRICS MP3
11) The Green LYRICS MP3 SNGL
12) Mercy LYRICS MP3

Bone Poets Orchestra
Belladonna Smiles - 2010

Belladonna Smiles album cover

Backing / Instrumental tracks are marked "INS."

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1) Rising LYRICS MP3 INS
2) Spin LYRICS MP3
3) Smells Like Rain LYRICS MP3 INS
4) Pleasure of the Sky LYRICS MP3
5) Scarborough Fair LYRICS MP3
6) Interlude at Sunset Inst. INS
7) Belladonna Smiles LYRICS MP3 INS
8) It All Disappears LYRICS MP3
09) Pennies for Our Eyes LYRICS MP3
10) Yes! LYRICS MP3
11) Christmas Down South LYRICS MP3
12) Gathering Light LYRICS MP3
13) Bodies at Midnight LYRICS MP3

Gaia Consort
Evolve - 2004

Evolve cover. We move like we're dancing surrounded by halos of light!!

You can purchase Evolve by clicking HERE!

1) Evolve LYRICS MP3 INS
2) The Scythe LYRICS MP3
3) Night Waits INSTR MP3
4) Change the Way Things Are LYRICS MP3
5) Watching LYRICS MP3
6) Cold Winter Comin' LYRICS MP3
7) No Shadows LYRICS MP3
8) Moon She Rises LYRICS MP3
9) Aradia LYRICS MP3
10) Drawing Down the Moon LYRICS MP3
11) Solstice Call LYRICS MP3
12) Peace Now LYRICS MP3
13) Scythe (reprise) LYRICS MP3

Gaia Consort
Secret Voices - 2001

Thus spake man with a tin cup and string!
1) Secret Womb of Night LYRICS MP3
2) Blood LYRICS MP3
3) Every Sacred Thing LYRICS MP3
4) Cry Freedom LYRICS MP3
5) 300 Channels of Static LYRICS MP3
6) Three LYRICS MP3
7) The Web LYRICS MP3
8) Illumination INSTR MP3
9) Secret of the Rain LYRICS MP3
10) All the Light in the World LYRICS MP3
11) Beltane Fires LYRICS MP3
12) Secret Voices LYRICS MP3

Gaia Consort
Gaia Circles - 1999

Where's Chris's hand? Nasty boy!

You can purchase Gaia Circles by clicking HERE!

1) Just Because LYRICS MP3
2) Gathering LYRICS MP3
3) Darkwing LYRICS MP3
4) Grey Places INSTR MP3
5) The Old Ones LYRICS MP3
6) Move to the Country LYRICS MP3
7) Gaia Circles LYRICS MP3
8) Sweet Emptiness LYRICS MP3
9) The Rede LYRICS MP3
10) Secret of the Crossroads Devil LYRICS MP3
11) Ravens LYRICS MP3

Christopher Bingham
Angel and the Hanged Man - 1995

I'll only speak with the boss.


1) South of Ritzville LYRICS MP3
2) Taste It All LYRICS MP3
3) Fighting Words LYRICS MP3
4) The Suicide Place LYRICS MP3
5) Going Under LYRICS MP3
5a) Mater Terra
5b) Invocation
5c) Dreamtime Now
6) The Web LYRICS MP3
7) Moon in Your Teeth LYRICS MP3
8) Family LYRICS MP3
9) Ritzville LYRICS MP3
9) Ritzville 2023 LYRICS MP3

Christopher Bingham
The Burning - 1993

Ah youth!


1) Falling LYRICS MP3
2) This Moment LYRICS MP3
3) Cooling His Fire LYRICS MP3
4) Father Christmas LYRICS MP3
5) The Long Conversation LYRICS MP3
6) Wouldn't Lie To You LYRICS MP3
7) Something in the Wind LYRICS MP3
8) In Good Time LYRICS MP3
9) Genesis LYRICS MP3
10) The Burning LYRICS MP3

Christopher Bingham
Mountains and Oceans
Orchestral Piece

Started in 1980 and finished in 2014, the chamber orchestra version was performed by the Octava Chamber Orchestra July 27, 2014.
Sibelius MIDI